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Optical image sensors track and record momentary gaze position, sampling 90 times a second to create objective and comprehensive eye movement patterns.

Objective – doesn’t require patient’s response
Can determine Gaze, presence and attention
Invisible and non-intrusive

ActiveSight™ Glasses

Especially designed to suit children, but for use also by adults, our proprietary LCD Active Shutter Glasses are connected to the EyeSwift® system, which enables wireless control over eye occlusion as well as distance and tilt measurements.

Simplifies vision exams
Provides a more accurate diagnosis
Reduces chair time

AI, Big Data & Machine Learning

By tracking the child's eye movement, our algorithms receive the data to create a personalized pattern to enhance diagnosis and adjust treatment protocols accordingly.
All collected data is uploaded to the cloud and is processed in real-time enabling immediate analysis and results. This paves the way for prediction of numerous conditions manifested in eye movement such as:

Myopia prediction
Mental illnesses
Stroke detection