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Optical image sensors track and record momentary gaze position, sampling 90 times a second to create objective and comprehensive eye movement patterns.

Objective – doesn’t require patient’s response
Can determine Gaze, presence and attention
Invisible and non-intrusive

ActiveSight™ Glasses

Especially designed to suit children, but for use also by adults, our proprietary LCD Active Shutter Glasses are connected to the EyeSwift® system, which enables wireless control over eye occlusion as well as distance and tilt measurements.

Simplifies vision exams
Provides a more accurate diagnosis
Reduces chair time

AI & Big Data

By tracking the patient eye movement, our algorithms receive the data which allows for unique insights into human behavior and facilitates natural user interfaces.

All collected data is uploaded to the cloud and is processed in real-time enabling immediate analysis of the results to help health care providers in their assessment and decision of treatment. This will pave the way for prediction and monitoring of vision and neurological conditions by detection of abnormal eye-movement patterns.

Severe myopia prediction

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