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NovaSight’s management is comprised of experienced executives bringing broad and multidisciplinary expertise in the field of vision care.

Ran Yam, CEO

Ran has decades of experience in developing optics and medical devices. In his previous position as VP R&D for Visionix, a global leader in eye care solutions, he was responsible for developing innovative, cutting edge eye diagnostics products. Ran holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and has nine patents to his name.

Dan Oz

Dan Oz, CTO

Dan, an electronics engineer, was the co-founder of Sightline Technologies, which was acquired by Stryker for US$50 million. He holds 11 patents, with additional patents pending.

Dr. Oren Yehezkel, CSO

Oren holds a PhD in Neuroscience, specializing in binocular vision, and a BSc in Optometry, with extensive hospital experience. He has published more than 20 scientific publications and holds five patents, with additional patents pending.

Danny Atar, VP Operations

Danny served in various operational and financial positions in Hi-Tech companies. In his previous position as VP Operations for Visionix, a global leader in eye care solutions, he was responsible for the financial and manufacturing departments. Danny is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds B.B. & MBA in Business Management and Accounting.

Liron Rosenbaum, VP Strategy

Liron has extensive experience in executive sales and marketing positions in the medical and assistive devices field, taking leadership roles within industry-leading companies such as OrCam Technologies and IOPtima. Liron holds a BA and an MSc in Applied Economics.

Drew Hopper, VP Sales & Marketing North America

Drew Hopper is an award winning Global Commercial Executive with a history of growing brands from acquisition to market leader for companies such as Alcon & Stryker. While at Sight Sciences, he was a member of the executive team behind the largest MedTech IPO in NASDAQ history. Drew holds a Bachelor of Arts from Capital University and an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Leadership from Southern Methodist University.

Complementing the leadership are a team of passionate, diverse and determined problem solvers.

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