NovaSight Awards

Welcome to NovaSight’s award page, where we proudly present the remarkable recognition and accolades that highlight our pioneering contributions in the field of vision therapy. As a leading innovator in visual care, NovaSight has garnered prestigious industry awards and gained widespread acclaim for our cutting-edge solutions.

2023 MedTech Breakthrough Award

The CureSight™ has been named “Best New Technology Solution for Ophthalmology”

Oasis8 2022

NovaSight won the Startups Session Innovation Award at the Oasis8 conference on Optics and electro-optics

Health Tech Challengers 2022

Among more than 400 companies, NovaSight was selected as 2022's ultimate health tech challenger. The Health Tech Challengers identifies and brings top global digital health tech startups together on one stage to compete for global media exposure as well as the attention of 100+ VCs and CVCs.

IRON A’ Design Award

The CureSight™ was awarded the IRON A’ Design Award in 2021 – 2022
Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Category.

Red Dot Award 2022

The CureSight™ has won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design

CureSight Amblyopia Treatment: Replace Patching with 3D Glasses and Netflix For the Win!

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