Eye-tracking Based Vision Assessment

Accurate vision assessment at the earliest age is imperative for proper eyesight development.

EyeSwift® is a quick, accurate, portable and affordable visual assessment system based on advanced eye-tracking technology, to be used by any staff member.

Specially-designed for children, EyeSwift® requires minimal patient cooperation – patients simply watch fun short animated videos for several seconds. EyeSwift® delivers quantitative assessment of multiple vision deficits.

At the same time, all data is uploaded to the cloud and shared with the clinic’s electronic medical record systems, to create a personal vision file for each child, and lay the foundation for big data analysis, through AI applications.


EyeSwift® conducts the following comprehensive tests:

Visual acuity
Replacing the traditional eye chart
Reading skills
Quantitative analysis of reading skills
Fusional vergence
Measuring ability to preform near distance tasks
Strabismus measurement
Measuring the manifest and latent eye deviations
Stereo acuity
Testing 3D vision
Contrast sensitivity
Color vision

Clinical Results

Strabismus (Squint) Measurement (PD)

Repeatability (Average STD)

146 children

Each child was tested twice on the EyeSwift® and by two examiners

High correlation between EyeSwift® results and manual exams

Each child was tested twice on the EyeSwift® and in addition by two masked examiners