Eye Tracking Based Amblyopia Treatment

Amblyopia (Lazy-eye) affects 3% of all population and puts the patients at risk for eventual vision loss.
Gold Standard treatment for lazy eye is placing a
patch over the strong eye – an old-fashioned solution which suffers from very low compliance.
With the CureSight™ binocular treatment, children develop stereoscopic vision, which is difficult to be achieved with the monocular nature of the traditional patching treatment.

Cloud Monitored Treatment

Supported by an integrated cloud platform which processes data from the CureSight™ system, the eye care provider receives a comprehensive patient vision summary. Progress reports and real-time monitoring of the child’s treatment are easily accessible.



Curesight chart

Clinical Results

Visual Acuity – Amblyopic Eye

Stereo Acuity (Depth Perception)

20 children

Significant improvement (p value<0.05) in visual acuity and stereoacuity from baseline to week 24

Compliance of 90% with CureSight™

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