Eye Tracking Based Amblyopia Treatment

Amblyopia (Lazy-eye) affects 3% of all children and puts them at risk for eventual vision loss.
Gold Standard treatment for lazy eye is placing a patch over the strong eye – an archaic solution which suffers from very low compliance.

NovaSight has developed CureSight for Amblyopia (Lazy-eye) treatment. The system is a first-of-its-kind solution that combines eye-tracking technology with sophisticated real-time 3D image processing algorithms.
The system trains the brain to fuse images from both eyes while the child watches a video of choice in the comfort of their home.
With this binocular treatment, children develop stereoscopic vision, which cannot be achieved with the monocular nature of the traditional patching treatment.

A Tailored Treatment

The CureSight system monitors the treatment effect on the child in real-time and performs auto-adjustment of the treatment protocol, relying on AI and big data analysis. The system generates progress reports directly to the eye-care givers and parents via our dedicated application.

A Tailored Treatment

Visual Acuity – Amblyopic Eye

Visual Acuity

Stereo Acuity (Depth Perception)

Stereo Acuity

20 children

Significant improvement in visual acuity and stereoacuity

Compliance of 95% with CureSight