About Us

NovaSight brings pediatric vision care into the digital age. Our integrated eye-tracking AI based solutions for accurate vision assessment and efficient treatment are specifically designed for the unique needs and attention span of children.
NovaSight’s management and scientific advisory board is comprised of experienced executives, researchers and key opinion leaders in the field of pediatric vision care.

Our Vision

To change the lives of millions by introducing eye tracking based vision care solutions.
Our first mission is to prevent pediatric vision loss, providing rapid vision assessment along with innovative treatment of vision impairments.

The Unmet Need

Preventable vision loss: a global challenge

To ensure that all children can see the future in the best light, accurate assessment and efficient treatment of early childhood vision impairments need to shift into the digital age.
Traditional pediatric vision assessment methods are manual, subjective, time-consuming and often inaccurate.
This is especially true for toddlers who can’t always understand examiner's instructions or communicate what they’re seeing. Similarly, gold standard treatment for amblyopia (lazy-eye) – placing a patch over the strong eye, is extremely uncomfortable and often ineffective due to low compliance and has long term negative impacts on the child’s development.

Our Solutions

Eye-Tracking Based Solutions for Pediatric Vision Care

NovaSight delivers a complete, end-to-end eye tracking-based solution for accurate screening and treatment of early vision disorders.
The EyeSwift® vision assessment system accurately and objectively screens for multiple vision impairments, within seconds, supporting a wide range of care givers - ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthoptists and pediatricians.
Our CureSight™ system treats the patient’s lazy-eye while they watch a video of their choice at the comfort of their home, replacing the outdated patching treatment.
The CureSight™ system is designed to be operated by children or their parents under the remote supervision of a professional eye care giver.

Why NovaSight

NovaSight brings pediatric vision care to the digital age using advanced eye-tracking technology‎‎

Dedicated for Children

Screening, assessment and treatment via fun, entertaining and child-friendly activities

Maximum Comfort

Fastest assessment and no uncomfortable patching


Doesn’t rely on patient cooperation or operator skills

Raises Eye-Care Standard

Greater accuracy and repeatability than legacy solutions

Rapid ROI

Reduced chair time and faster treatment

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