Bringing together the power of eye tracking and AI, to revolutionize pediatric vision care,
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Eye tracking & data analytics for pediatric vision care solutions

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New Track for Vision Care

NovaSight brings pediatric vision care to the digital age using advanced eye-tracking technology‎

Dedicated for Children

Screening, assessment and treatment via fun, entertaining and child-friendly activities

Maximum Comfort

Fastest assessment and no uncomfortable patching


Doesn’t rely on patient cooperation or operator skills

Raises Eye-Care Standard

Greater accuracy and repeatability than legacy solutions

Rapid ROI

Reduced chair time and faster treatment

Our Technology

Groundbreaking vision care solutions based on Eye tracking Technology.


Optical IR sensors track and record momentary gaze position 90 times a second.

ActiveSight™ Glasses

Proprietary active glasses that provide remote control eye occlusion with distance and tilt measurements.

AI, Big Data

AI and Big data allow for unique insights into human behavior, correlate eye patterns and create vision population norms to assist health care providers in their assessment and decision of treatment.

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News & Events

June 15, 2021

Review of Myopia Management

NovaSight Uses Eye-Tracking Technology to Develop Myopia Management Lens

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April 30, 2021

Review of Myopia Management

OIS Hosts Virtual Myopia Innovation Showcase

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